Web App & Data System Development

High Performance Web Systems

And Beautiful, Responsive User Interfaces

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  • Realtime Analytics Dashboards
  • Web Crawlers for scraping live content
  • HIPAA & PCI Compliant Data System
  • Scalable E-commerce solutions
  • Third party API integrations

High-performance web applications with native-like functionality

Machine learning, compute intensive operations over massive datasets in the cloud

Why Web First?

Many of our clients ask why we don’t build native applications for iOS, Android, or desktops. At Weft we believe the browser is the operating system of the future. A fragmented software ecosystem which requires companies to develop separate applications for iPhone, Android, Windows, OSX, etc. imposes a heavy cost burden on all involved. Thus, there is an overwhelming economic incentive for software companies to develop a cross-platform ecosystem for deploying applications. Thanks to significant R&D investments by Google, Mozilla, and Microsoft, the Web Browser, which runs on all devices, has turned out to be this cross-platform ecosystem. Still think your organization needs a native app? Read The Disapearing Difference between Web and Native Applications