HealSuite CTMS

Intuitive CRF Designer

  • Effortlessly build out your study data model, database, and case report forms through a simple yet powerful WYSWIG interface.
  • Hundreds of standards compliant CRFs and form templates available in forms library, so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel.
  • Design, approval, and version control processes built in.
  • Conditional logic, input validation, file uploads, live audio/video capture, speech-to-text recognition, and basic web design capabilities

GroupDiscover abstracts away medical coding required for data compliance for a faster data capture workflow

Auto Medical Coding

  • Effortlessly match your preferred terminology to industry standard medical and health vocabularies.
  • Data collection points mapped across multiple vocabularies and data models published by the FDA, NCI, NLM, ClinicalTrials.gov, and CDASH.
  • Enables CDASH and SDTM compliance now required for FDA approved New Drug studies and automated regulatory submissions to the FDA.
  • Enables interoperability and easy integrations with other medical and bioanalytics software.

Realtime Analytics

  • Sophisticated outcome analysis and data visualization tools
  • Automatically identify linear regressions across outcome data sets
  • Scalable cloud infrastructure enables complex data search, aggregations, and analyses in near real-time